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Piano Nobile B&B

Piano Nobile in Pszczyna

Piano Nobile B&B is located in Pszczyna - at the city square.

Attractions nearby:

Pszczyna is located on the Pszczyna Plain. The river Pszczyna crossing the city adds a charm to the nearby aread. City is commonly called The Pearl of the Upper Silesia, being famous for it's grace and architectural and cultural richness. Each year the Land of Pszczyna hosts numerous tourists coming to explore and admire the face of Pszczyna. The Piano Nobile B&B offer enables them to see the Pszczyna city also at night - providing highly comfortable accomodation - and to taste the night life of the city.

Pszczyna is a city filled with unusual charm, and enormous cultural wealth. Visitors arriving to these areas will certainly have to see the Castle of Pszczyna (with the Gate of the Chosen Ones) - the former residence of the princes Hochberg von Pless, Heritage park of Pszczyna, a beautiful Town Hall Square, the Silesian Museum of Press, sacral architecture and many other attractive places.

Pszczyna is not only a place to stay. Location of the city and it's natural resources make it possible to actively harness time, for example walking around the beautiful park of Pszczyna (situated along the Pszczynka river), engaging in jogging, playing tennis or golf, swimming or cycling. Since December 2005 Pszczyna offers another attraction - the skating. Every year on the market square is opened portable ice rink measuring 20x40m.

Pszczyna is very pro-cultural town. Every year is organised an event called The Pszczyna Days. The oldest choir in Upper Silesia - Lute choir - comes from the village located nearby Pszczynka river.
Mieszkańcy Pszczyny to także profesjonalni muzycy, wspierający okresowe imprezy, wydarzenia kulturalne organizowane na tym terenie. Bogate artystycznie środowisko kulturalne sprzyja organizacji plenerów plastycznych, wieczorów u Telemanna, Święta Kultury Ludowej oraz innych ciekawych imprez.

You're highly welcome to visit Pszczyna and for accomodation in Piano Nobile B&B!